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New Research Indicates Asthma Gene

Stress and the weather can be triggers for asthma but a genetics team at the University of Chicago has discovered the first gene linked to asthma. 

Many families have suspected that for a long time that if mom or dad suffers from asthma, there is a good chance their children could suffer from the same triggers. Dr. Carole Ober, Ph.D., genetics expert, "Sixty-percent of the susceptibility to asthma is due to the genes we inherit from our parents".

Dr. Ober and her research discovered the first asthma gene, thanks to the cooperation of a little known religious sect in South Dakota, called the Hutterites.  Hutterites generally marry among themselves.  They say from that restricted gene pool, it was easier to find that first asthma gene. 

Dr. Ober says that this new gene discovery will lead to new tests and treatments for those who carry the asthma gene.  

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