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Lubbock's Legacy Play Village

Making dreams come true, that is the idea behind Lubbock's Legacy Play Village. It will look like a gigantic play ground, but it is actually much more. The village will be a play-learn facility where kids will be surrounded by South Plains history. One of the neatest things about the play village is the fact that kids from all over this area actually designed it, by submitting their own ideas of the perfect playground.

Danica McCallister, an All Saints 7th grader, Sarah Richards, an All Saints 7th grader, Kaitlin Reynolds, an All Saints 4th grader, and Jacob Goolsby, a Guadelupe 2nd grader, each have a dream for Lubbock's Legacy Play Village and their dreams turned into part of the plan. Danica shares her dream of the new playground, "It's a tractor that you climb and sit on and stuff."

Sarah wants something to keep her cool, "I just wanted to see like water to cool off in while your outside in the hot sun."

As for Kaitlin, she had a number of cool ideas, from dinosaur slides, to a train around the park, to an Ogalala Aquifer with dancing water that shoots up from the ground, "I kinda wanted to let people know what kids wanted in a playground so it wouldn't be that no one liked it after they spent all that money on it and things like that."

These are just three of the kids that put a pencil to their imagination, actually 35 different schools were given the option, then the play village crew surveyed about 100 kids face to face. Jacob Goolsby will also see his ideas come to life, "I just would like monkey bars and swings and a teepee, and like a climbing rock."

Mack Grant is a building volunteer whose involvement with the legacy village is a little different. He is volunteered to be a building captain, from the day building starts, until the village is finished. He is actually using his vacation time from work just to be a part of this community project, "I've always wanted to do something for the community, the play village fits all three things, one it lets me honor my commitment to the community, second it provides a place for kids to play in a safe environment, and third it will allow me to use my talents."

In a way you could say these kids and Mack have the same dream, they all want to see this community village come to life. Mack says he is ready for the building to begin, "I'm excited that this project is being put together by the community that it's for kids and that I'll be a part of it for future generations."

Danica is just happy to be a part of the project, "It's neat that I get to do something and actually have a part in it."

The Legacy Play Village is truly unique to this area. The designs are finished and it will feature our heritage, including a prairie dog like tunnel for the kids to crawl through, a water area with a drainage system explaining how that works and much more.

Building is set to start October 4th, but they still need a lot of help. They need about 15,000 volunteers to the bring the village to life. If your not much of a builder there are plenty of other ways you can help, from serving food to organizing volunteers, buying supplies or helping run the daycare. There is something for everyone because this is a community project. For more information call 791-KIDS. The play ground will be out by Texas Water Rampage off the Brownfield Highway and Spur 327.

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