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Consider This... Texas Tech Hockey

Quite frankly the dispute between City Hall and Texas Tech Hockey has gotten out of hand. Of course the city is landlord for the City Bank Coliseum, and of course the landlord can charge enough money to recover expenses - that's just a given.

The city claims it loses roughly $4,000 per year on Texas Tech Hockey, and this council has made it clear that it will not subsidize entertainment ventures that lose money. The city has been consistent in that regard whether it was the Cotton Kings or the Music Festival. 

I'm not quite sure what other options the city has for tenants but, as a taxpayer, I'd rather see events like hockey and ice skating than a dark coliseum.

So consider this, last week's abrupt council vote shouldn't be the end of the discussion here. If all the city needs to get Texas Tech Hockey back on track is $4,000 more a year, then it seems a compromise can't be far off. 

The best thing to do is let both sides have a day or two to cool off, and then both sides should do what's in the best interest of the city. It will be awfully hard to get another professional sports venue in Lubbock if we let Tech Hockey go without a fight.

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