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Hockey 101: Local Radio Station Urges Listeners to Speak Up

The City of Lubbock and the Texas Tech Hockey Program are looking at options that may possibly keep the team on ice at the Coliseum. In the meantime, a local radio station is urging its listeners to speak their mind.

Classic Rock 101 says part of their service to the community is when they see something wrong they try to help fix it, and they're hoping their listeners will take note and call.  

Radio Announcer: "Rock 101.1 urges you to call up the Lubbock City Council at 775-3001, and tell them that you want to keep tech hockey alive in Lubbock."

The controversy surrounding the contract between the Texas Tech Club Hockey Team and the City of Lubbock continues to heat up the air waves. "People are upset. People are asking about it. What's going on with Texas Tech's Hockey team? We want to know: 770-5000," Classic Rock 101 radio personality "Big Dog" David Wilde told listeners Tuesday night.

The issue: On Thursday, in a 5-2 decision, the council voted not to accept a new, revised contract with the team, essentially shutting down the only ice skating rink in Lubbock.

Now Classic Rock 101 is speaking out and encouraging listeners to speak up. "If you're for it, call. If you're against it, call. If you've got a view, call. Either way, we want you to call your city council and be an active part of the community," says Classic Rock 101 program director Sean Dillon. 

Dillon says reaction has been incredible, 10-1 in favor of Tech Hockey, "We would rather have opportunities for our community to have entertainment and for our listeners to do things. Otherwise, they'll have to go to Dallas or Oklahoma City in order to have these entertainment options," said Dillon.

"I'm from Oklahoma City and our hockey (team) in Oklahoma City doesn't do very well, and everyone knows it, but you have that option," Wilde said. "Back up your team. Back up your local team. Root for the home team. Ultimately that's what it comes down to."

Radio Announcer: "Let's keep those skates on the ice Lubbock by calling your city council at 775-3001. So pick up the phone and call now."

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