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Tech Football Website Gaining Lots of Attention

Not only is this year a presidential election, but for college football fans, the Heisman trophy winner is a big election in the sports world, and Texas Tech found a way to bring these two together.

Texas Tech has never had a Heisman trophy winner, but a lot of fans are thinking this could be the year.  With two players both up for the most prestigious college football award, the school is working hard to promote them by creating a website campaigning for their own candidates.

Every Tech fan has their favorite football player. "Graham Harrell, great player, great role model to everybody else too," said one Tech Fan. "Michael Crabtree baby," said another fan.

These are two great players both nominated for the Heisman trophy.  Sophomore receiver Michael Crabtree and senior quarterback Graham Harrell both rank among the best in the country.

A website launched on Monday now promotes the two star athletes. "Instead of just putting the highlights and biographical information, we have two candidates, let's have a little fun with this and play off of the election," said Chris Cook with Texas Tech Media Relations.   

Cook says the website Pass or Catch 2008 has already received a lot of attention. "We've received a lot of calls, not just locally and regionally, but nationally and not only from media we have heard from fans across the country that say that is outstanding," said Cook.   

But continuing to promote the athletes is not the only thing that needs to happen. "We've got eight games to play in and it's those plays and those guys that will dictate whether or not they are worthy of the Heisman. We are going to promote all we can, but you have to have the performance on the field," said Cook. 

Chris Cook says since the website launched Monday, they've had over 72,000 page views.  It's already getting a lot of attention, more than Cook expected.

To check out Pass or Catch 2008:  (Click Here)

Harrell & Crabtree Announced As Heisman Candidates
Monday, Texas Tech University unveiled two candidates for the prestigious Heisman Memorial Trophy. You Choose 2008 is designed as an information platform for the nation's voters to follow each candidate during this campaign season.

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