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The Vacu-Seal: Does It Work?

Freezer burn can affect the way your food tastes. So this week we're going to test a product that may be able to keep those frozen foods fresher longer.

The Vacu-Seal is about the size of a handheld cordless screwdriver and it claims to lock in freshness every day. You get three re-usable bags in your starter kit, which are dishwasher safe.  But, will these bags actually be able to stay air tight? For $20, Does It Work?

I started with have chicken and beef and separated them in the three bags that come in the package.  Before starting the test, I checked to make sure the Vacu-Seal would really made suck, and it indeed had pretty powerful suction. 

All you do is place the tip of the nozzle to the valve on the side of the bag and press the button on the Vacu-Seal.  Immediately, I saw the air leaving the bag, and it did not take long either.  "Sealed tight," I said about the chicken. "You can see the outline of the chicken breast. No air is left on the top of the bag," I said.

Next I tried it on the ground beef bag. "Look how sealed tight that is."  Once again, on another bag, "that's sealed tight too."

The Vacu-Seal bags are available in medium and large sizes. The medium bags are what come with the package. The bags stayed air tight after spending hours in the freezer. However, just one bag appeared to have lost its effectiveness, letting in air and some freezer burn. But for the most part, these bags do work and even reviews I've read on the Internet boast about this product.

You can buy this product at Linens and Things and Bed Bath and Beyond. The product sells on the Internet for $30.

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