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A New Way to "Watch" Your Blood Sugar

Imagine pricking your finger to squeeze out a drop of blood five, ten, maybe a dozen times a day. That is what many people with diabetes go through routinely to check their blood sugar. You can imagine some patients are very glad now to wear a Glucowatch instead and let their calloused fingers heal. It takes a blood sugar reading every 20 minutes right through the skin, with no finger sticks, and it stores up to 4,000 readings which can be uploaded into a computer so your doctor can see how you are doing, hour by hour, day to day.

"The Glucowatch Biographer will give patients information on glucose levels that they have never seen before. We believe that this will control their diabetes better and avoid hypoglycemic episodes, and that will improve their quality of life," says Dr. Richard Eastman of Cygnus, Inc.

"I can stop lows before they happen now, because there's trends, you'll start to see. You'll go from a hundred 20 minutes later you'll be 80. You'll know, you're dropping your dropping. It's time to take something to eat," says Wendy Young, a diabetic.

The only drawback is that some people like Wendy get a skin irritation from the watch so she has to regularly change where she wears it. Even so, she says the Glucowatch is a welcome relief.

The Glucowatch has just become available for adults by prescription in this country. It is not cheap. The Glucowatch is $600. The disposable sensors cost about eight dollars a day, but that still may be a good option for patients who are having trouble monitoring their diabetes. For more information (click here) or call (866) 459-2824.

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