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Senator Cornyn Visits Lubbock and Talks Economy

Texas Senator John Cornyn was at the Reese Research Center Thursday touring the Texas Tech Wind Science Center.

Flanking the senator during his tour were Tech officials along with member's of the media all itching to hear what the senator had to say about Wednesday night's 74-25 vote to bail out the nations economy.

Senator Cornyn compared himself and his colleagues to another group of public servants, but on a different mission. "This was really like firemen answering a fire trying to put the fire out or contain it while we continue to take other steps that are necessary to keep our economy on track and create jobs," Senator Cornyn said.

He went on to say this is more than just Washington bailing out Wall Street. In fact, he said, if that were the case he would have voted against the bill. But the bailout has more to do with jobs and Americans' ability to live the lives we're accustomed to. "We have a lot of challenges in our economy at this time. Unfortunately as a result of a handful of people unfortunately with tremendous power so I understand why people are mad. I'm mad too. But after you're done being made you've got to do something to solve the problem and that's what we tried to do yesterday."

Cornyn said the senate has been counseled by some of the best economic advisors around and he believes this plan will work if passed in the House.

Senate Bill Passes; Now On To The House
In less than a half hour Wednesday night, the U.S. Senate approved a massive bailout plan for failing U.S. credit markets. It's very similar to the one rejected Monday by the U.S. House, and NewsChannel 11's Justin Michaels breaks down the changes.

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