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High School Class Uses VP Debate as Learning Tool

Thursday's vice presidential debate seems to have everybody talking on the streets, at work and even in schools. 

High school students are getting more involved than ever in this year's presidential election.  Thursday Lubbock Cooper High School government students watched the debate between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden and were ready for discussion.

"I'm going to throw this out there, who watched the debate last night?" asked government teacher Paul Enloe.   

Enloe's senior government class on Friday, was devoted to discussing the vice presidential debate. "If you watch the debate she is looking where? Right at the camera, which is looking at you. Where was Senator Biden looking?  He was looking at the moderator or looking away somewhere," said Enloe.    

The class watched and analyzed clips from Thursday night. "Those that watched the debate or heard it or heard of it, do you think it changed anybody's mind of who they are going to vote for?" asked Enloe. 

"I was surprised that she did as well as she did, she was very prepared much more than I thought she would be, but it didn't sway my vote," said one student. 

This student was not alone, many Republicans and Democrats alike say they were surprised with Governor Sarah Palin's performance.

"And even those that were somewhat nervous, they started to smile just like she did, I think her confidence came clearly out of Missouri and went through the television screen across the country and I think anyone who have to say way to go Sarah Palin," said Lubbock County Republican Chair Chris Winn.  

"Anything would have been better than expected because certainly she was well rehearsed and was able to carry on a conversation or at least respond without kind of babbling into the stratosphere but I do believe that one of the things that was significant was that her responses were obviously rehearsed," said Lubbock County Democrat Chair Pam Brink.

Although there is no official winner of the debate, most have their own opinion. "I definitely think Palin won the debate I think she looked directly into the camera," said Winn. 

"I think that Biden won the debate, I don't think that she was a disaster, but I don't think she changed any minds," said Brink.   

The government class came up with their own conclusion. "I guess what we can kind of conclude from the debate if you were for McCain and Palin, nothing happened last night that would change your mind and if you were for Barack Obama, she didn't do well enough that would make you want to change your vote," said Enloe. 

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