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Voter Registration Deadline Looming

The clock is ticking.  There is not much time to get registered if you want to vote for the next president of the United States.  Lubbock County Democrats and Republicans were on overdrive this weekend as they worked hard to get people registered.

There is just less than a month left until the presidential election, but getting registered is a different story.

"We are here to offer to those that are coming down to the gun show a last opportunity to register to vote," said Lubbock County Republican Chair Chris Winn. 

You must be registered by Monday October 6th to cast your vote for the November election.  Winn set up at the Silver Spurs gun show at the Civic Center this weekend to register future voters.

"We've been out here all weekend and we've had over 50 people sign up to register to vote, so we've been very productive especially when you think that it's been raining," said Winn.

"It was handy because I was planning on registering before the election.  I kind of waited till the last minute it was fortunate they were set up here," said first time voter Jody Pinker.  

And for those waiting till the very last minute, there will be several places on Monday to register.

"We have set up over 100 voter registration kiosks all over Lubbock, United Supermarkets, Starbucks, Daybreak Coffee, and the usual places, the Election Administration office, and also the post offices," said Winn. 

Texas Tech Democrats reached out to their fellow students on Sunday. 

"There are still a lot of people that have never participated in the voting process that have never been registered to vote, our goal here is to make that process as easy as possible," said Student and Youth Organizer Michael Choat. 

For some college students this will be the first presidential election to be able to vote.

"Yeah because I can vote and I kind of have my own opinion of things now instead of being a kid and not really caring," said first time voter Ali-Reza Gherehchi. 

"Anybody's vote counts the same and a student's vote counts just the same as a CEO's vote and we want to show them that's the equality that we stand on and a group of students getting together to do something big can change not only Texas politics, but the world," said Choat.

If you have moved into Lubbock County, you must re-register if you plan to vote in Lubbock County, and you can still mail in your registration form as long as it is post marked by October 6th.

Texas Voter Registration Application
Click here to download the Texas Voter Registration Application from the Secretary of State website. (You will need Adobe Acrobat to open this file)

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