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Famous Childhood Actor Launches Campaign for Kids with ADD

A cast member of the "Brady Bunch" is helping bring attention to a disorder that affects about one in every 14 children. The problem is ADHD, which stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Remember cute little Peter? He was the middle son on the "Brady Bunch." Today, the Actor, Christopher Knight, says he was not diagnosed with ADD until he was in his late 30's and that had more people known about the problem when he was a kid growing up would have been a lot easier.

"I've always found it very difficult to watch myself there's a twitching quirk. I mean I can remember at the time just staying in front of the camera, just being nailed down with this kind of single focus that I had to maintain was very difficult. And the energy is just kind of like twitching out of my body," says Knight.

Knight and the National Consumers League and ADDitude Magazine spelled A-D-D-itude are launching a national campaign to clear up some confusion about the disorder. They want people to know ADHD affects about 7% of all children and about 4% of adults. The campaign includes a series of public service announcements that will begin airing on radio and TV stations nationwide. Linda Goldberg, President of the National Consumers League, says she's concerned that some internet sites are giving misleading information blaming ADHD on the parents. When instead she says it is actually a brain disorder that can improve with therapy or medication.

"While the medication helps alot it doesn't take away all the symptoms. It only lessons them and gets the child to the point where they may be able to do a better job. The other thing you have to understand is that most ADHD kids also have a learning disability. A reading disability, a language disability where they can't understand or fully comprehend oral language," says Ellen Kingsley, Editor of ADDitude Magazine.

Ellen says ADHD kids are often disorganized and need special accomodations in the classroom to excel.

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