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Fire Destroys Two Lubbock Homes

Two families are displaced after a fire ripped through their northwest Lubbock duplex late Sunday night.  

The fire destroyed virtually everything in one half of the duplex, while the other side remained primarily intact. Those belongings did sustained smoke and water damage, but little to no actual fire damage because the duplex had a fire wall between the two units that the fire department says did its job last night.

The fire department is still investigating the incident. The cause of the fire isn't known yet.

The property owner is trying to get donations for the families. One of the families had two young boys, so any clothes or house wares are appreciated because neither family had renters insurance.

"Those people who don't have renter's insurance, you know, it truly is a loss. It's a loss of everything. A lot of people, everything that they worked for is in their home and once a house fire like this comes along and completely destroys everything, then they have nothing left," said leasing manager Michael Vargas.

TLC Property Management is working to get the families moved into another duplex in the area. If you would like to donate anything call 771-8837.

Lubbock Red Cross
Learn more about the South Plains Regional Chapter of the American Red Cross.

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