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The Value of Your Home is Only a Mouse Click Away

Stocks may be stalled, but the real estate market is hotter than ever. That may have you wondering whether it's time to sell. That depends on what your house is worth, and there's a pretty easy way to find out. It's as simple as going to a web site and providing some basic information about your home. Then you wait for your evaluation.

The Cooper family gets a lot of use out of their yard and house. They purchased the home five years ago and have increased the value with a lot of improvements. "This was pretty much empty. We did a lot of work. We put the shed in digging around. We put the deck on," said Renne Cooper.

Renne has watched 8 neighborhood houses sell this year. She wonders what her's is worth. Realtor Michael Blair says a lot of people are curious these days. "The market is very brisk right now. Values are at the highest end they've ever been," says Blair.

That has people logging onto a web site that tells you what your house might be worth. You enter information about your property, and in a few days you receive a market value e-mail from a local realtor. It includes prices of what some houses sold for in your neighborhood, and what yours might be worth. Blair put this Groton Condo at a low of $85,000 to a high of $95,000. After your evaluation some things you will receive from the realtor include tips on things you can do to the outside and the inside to make it more attractive.

Selling Tips:

  • Cleaning up
  • No clutter
  • Make the inside bright
  • Open shades turn on lights
  • Fix broken shutters and windows
  • Get rid of all pet odors.

House prices may be up, but Blair says realtors and homeowners can't be tempted to overprice a house, it may not sell. "We can't go crazy and say I think the house is worth $50,000 more than a neighbor's house, because a bank is not going to finance for that. So, you do have to be realistic," says Blair.

You can check the value of your house by ( clicking here).

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