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Shigellosis Cases Up In Hub City

The Lubbock Health Department is looking at an increase in the number of shigellosis cases.  From January to August of this year, there were only seven cases.  However, in the last month, that number has jumped to 44.

So, what is shigellosis? It is usually referred to as the dirty diaper disease because that is often where it starts.  Shigella is spread person-to-person or by touching the same food or drink after a person who does not wash their hands after changing a diaper or going to the restroom.

The symptoms of shigellosis are diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and stomach cramps that could stay with you from four to seven days.  It shows up mostly in kids under age 10.  The best way to protect you and your family is to encourage frequent hand washing.

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