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Local Reaction To Presidential Town Hall Debate

It wasn't just the moderator, Tom Brokaw, but also, average voters who asked presidential candidates the questions Tuesday in a town hall style debate in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The very first question came from an older gentleman named Allen Schaffer. He wanted to know how the candidates would rescue pension and retirement funds amid the current financial crisis. It is estimated that Americans have lost $2 trillion in the markets in recent days.

Both candidates answered by saying Wall Street must face tighter regulations and both agreed the U.S. must reduce dependence on foreign oil.

Back here in Lubbock, local Republicans and local Democrats both held watch parties.  Let's start with reaction from Dr. Brandi Jackson-Davis who is an Obama supporter.  She says, "I think the moderator is asking some really good questions. I know they come from the American public. I think Obama is answering the questions more directly and I think that's why he is doing better right now. I'm just very pleased as I watch this history making moment."

Jackson-Davis references the fact that we will either have the first African-American president or the first female vice-president. Either way U.S. history will be made. 

Now let's turn our attention to the local Republicans.  Lubbock County GOP Chairman Chris Winn says, "I think John McCain has been expressing himself, the experience he has, the fact that he is ready on day one to take the helm of state. Barack Obama has been all rhetoric."

There is one more debate between the two presidential candidates. It will be carried live on NewsChannel 11 on October 15th.

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