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Targeting Predators on Television

"What zip code do you live in? 79414, there's 19 sexual predators in your neighborhood," says Councilman Gary Boren. There are 35 living in Northeast Lubbock. In fact, there are at least five sex offenders in every Lubbock zip code.

"I thought this was a pretty decent neighborhood, I never thought it was that bad," says Caramel Marmolejo. Caramel has three kids. He never knew that 19 sex offenders live in his neighborhood, and that's exactly why Lubbock City Councilman Gary Boren wants to do something about it.

"There's a 59-year-old individual that was indecent with an 8 and 10-year-old girl, a 30-year-old who was indecent with a 12-year-old girl," says Boren. Right now, you can find these predators by logging onto the Lubbock Police Departments website, but Boren says that's not enough. He wants to put these faces right in your living room, on your TV. "I want to have his picture on Channel 6, his name, address, and what he's convicted of," he says.

A cable access channel in Denver, Colorado uses television to fight the prostitution problem there. If Boren's plan for Lubbock passes, every registered sex offender in town will be broadcast on cable channel 6. That's something fathers like Caramel want. "I think it's a good idea. They should be harder on them, keep them in prison, why are you going to do that to a little kid, that's just plain nasty."

Boren will present this plan at tomorrow's city council meeting. If the council approves it, they will begin transferring information from the website to video, immediately.

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