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Bad Breath for Mosquitoes

While most of us are trying to figure out how to get rid of mosquitos, researchers at the University of Connecticut are actually raising their own crop. They're testing the theory that if garlic breath will push away your friends, why wouldn't the smell of garlic also keep mosquitos at bay acting as a natural repellent?

"It would be nice to have something that you eat, therefore, your whole body gets it, and maybe you're protected all over," says Dr. Rajan, a researcher.

There is already some evidence that garlic works like that in the animal world. So now, Dr. Rajan is leading this study to determine garlic's repellent power. Volunteers are given either garlic capsules or a placebo. Then, they expose an arm to some hungry skeeters.

A month later, the process is repeated. Since these mosquitos are laboratory raised, there's no risk of disease, just a little sting for science. Volunteers will receive $50 for participating in the garlic study. If you'd like more information on the study, you can call the UCONN research department at (860) 679-1636.

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