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Parents Beware of a Plant that Could Make Your Kids Sick

Here's a reminder for the young and curious in your family. Jimson Weed is not a fun high. It's also called "loco weed" for good reason.

It was about this same time last year when four young Lubbock children took the seeds from an acquaintance. Two of those kids ended up in emergency rooms. A Lubbock boy was hospitalized at Covenant on Tuesday after ingesting some of the seeds.

Here's a list of what can happen to Jimson Weed eaters:

  • It starts with dilated pupils.
  • Then, a high temperature, a quickened heartbeat, dry mouth, behavior can range from confused to delirious.
  • If you're unlucky enough, the taste of it could leave you with seizures, injury, or death.

The plant is common to this area. It has large white flowers with big, coarse jagged leaves and golf ball size pods, which contain dozens of tiny poisonous seeds. So, if that's somewhere in your yard or alley, be sure to tell young children that it's very dangerous and make sure the older ones know that the "high" it brings can be terrifying, even deadly.

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