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Trial Testimony Reveals Planned Retaliation

Taped phone calls reveal planned retaliation from inside the Lubbock County Jail, as testimony continued in the case against 37-year-old Tammy Timms.

Timms is on trial for the brutal attack and robbery of then 23-year-old Tommy Yugovich. While prosecutors say Timms did not physically attack Yugovich herself, they say she helped coordinate the March 2007 attack.

The conversations between Tammy Timms and her husband Paul, who was locked up in the jail at the time, suggest they knew the phone calls were being recorded. Paul warned Tammy not to "talk that way on these phones" as they discussed taking care of, as they described it, the deal with Tommy.

"He just came in the back door and hit him," Michelle Pierce told NewsChannel 11 in April of 2007.  A brutal attack on March 25, 2007 put Yugovich in a month-long coma.

Pierce, Yugovich's fiancé, was also injured in the attack.  "I got 14 stitches in my head, and the doctor said I would probably have headaches for a month," she said. 

Now, taped conversations suggest a planned attack, involving Jerry Castle, Don Green, Tammy Timms, and her husband Paul Timms.  Testimony in Tammy's trial alleges that Paul wanted to retaliate against Yugovich, after Yugovich allegedly gave him counterfeit money that authorities caught Paul with. 

On Wednesday, prosecutors presented the phone recordings. They imply a plan to lure Yugovich to a friend's house for revenge. The recordings never specifically say what that will be. Paul warns Tammy not to "talk that way on these phones".

The attack went down at a home in the 100 Block of 79th Street around 11:30 p.m.  Police say the suspect forced his way through the back door and beat Yugovich in the head with a metal pipe. 

The following morning, Paul and Tammy spoke. Tammy said it had been taken care of, but expressed concern that the attack was on the news. Don Green also got on the phone, saying they (the media) have a good description of the suspect.

Green pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and robbery last year. He's serving two 25 year prison sentences.

Investigators believe the fourth person charged, Jerry Castle, also helped plan the attack. He apparently lived at the same home on 79th Street where the attack happened and is charged with aggravated robbery, but not assault.

Meanwhile, Paul Timms remains in custody. His trial is scheduled to start Monday. Tammy Timms' trial continues Thursday.

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