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TTU Hockey Contract Still Up in the Air

The Texas Tech hockey saga continues. On Thursday the Lubbock City Council decided to wait until the next council meeting to make a decision on whether or not the team will continue to use the City Bank Coliseum. 

Many hockey supporters showed up at the meeting on Thursday to voice their concerns. "I've become the man that I am today from God, my family, school, work, and hockey," said a TTU hockey player.

"Texas Tech Hockey provides the young men that participate an opportunity to be role models and make a positive impact on our society," said one hockey supporter.  

Nineteen people spoke during citizen comments on behalf of the Texas Tech hockey contract. 

In a 5-2 vote, the council voted to appoint Todd Klein as city representative in negotiating a new contract with the hockey club. "The council feels confidence in Mr. Klein to be able to put together a reasonable contract assuming that the Tech Hockey Club can make a reasonable effort at getting a new contract," said Mayor Tom Martin.   

A major issue the majority of the council members had with the previous contract presented was the cost, but the mayor says they need to also make sure they are making the maximum profit by the operation of the coliseum. "We've got to start getting additional revenue by leasing those facilities out and being very aggressive in the marketing of those facilities to help reduce the burden on the general tax fund," said Martin.

But those from the Texas Tech Hockey Club say they are pleased with the outcome of Thursday's meeting, but a little worried at the same time. "I'm a little relieved I thought that I would be coming out of this building not being able to play hockey perhaps ever again because I'll be graduating this year.  I am just happy to get on the ice, that's the one thing I'm happy about," said TTU Assistant Captain Michael Pruneau.   

"I'm glad that they are going to continue and they sustained that they want to work with us and we want to see where they are at, we are just afraid that we are not going to be able to meet somewhere in the middle," said TTU On Ice Director Tim Castleman.

As of right now, the hockey club is continuing to practice and hold games in the coliseum, which they are currently renting on a day by day basis until a new contract is resolved.

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