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Many Prepare For Texas Tech's Homecoming

Thursday night preparations are underway for Texas Tech's homecoming. This weekend is expected to generate millions of dollars for the Lubbock economy. Area hotels are nearly all booked as the hub city is expected to be full of visitors.

Aside from the football game, one of the signature events of homecoming weekend is the parade. Organizers tell NewsChannel 11 this year a record number of floats are expected to roll down Memorial Circle.

For now, it may look like an empty trailer bed. However, add some hard work and creativity. "This is going to be a bus and the Partridge family," Sigma Chi Homecoming Chairman Ross Gage said.

The guys of Sigma Chi and the gals of Alpha Phi started to work on this float Tuesday. "We have to take a piece of tissue paper and put it in chicken wire. And so roughly this is 33 inches and it took us eight hours," Gage said.

Gage says the plan is to make six tissues panels. But Gage says it's the ladies who have the creative vision. "They come in and they'll tape it off with masking tape and on the chicken wire and they just tell us which colors to do," Gage said.

"We put in a ton of effort getting as much people up here as possible from Sigma Chi and Alpha Phi working their tails off every day until Saturday morning," Alpha Phi Stephanie Hernandez said.

However, Greeks are not the only ones who will parade down Memorial Circle. "Student life, student activities, Saddle Tramps as well as the Greek life are all included. We are also getting athletics involved this year. We're getting Track and Field and Baseball," Texas Tech Homecoming Publicly Chair Kristi Listi said.  

Some 70 floats are expected to take part in the parade. This year's theme is "Tech at Night -Tune In." Listi says each organization has an old TV show as a theme, which they must incorporate in each event.

"MASH, I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie, all the fun classic shows we used to watch," Listi said.

Back at the Sigma Chi house Gage says the soon to be Partridge Bus comes with a big price tag. "(It's) thousands of dollars. It takes a lot of effort," Gage said.

Efforts Hernandez says are important when it comes to their homecoming float. "The one thing the whole community sees, because they're going to the parade on Saturday and this is what they're going to see of Alpha Phi and Sigma Chi.

The homecoming parade starts at 9:30 a.m. Saturday the floats line up at First Baptist Church on Broadway. From the church, the parade travels through Tech's campus and ends at 18th and Indiana Avenue.

The homecoming football game begins at 2 p.m. as the Red Raiders face off against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. For Your Cell Phone
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