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TTUHSC Professor Warns of Black Mold

With all the recent record rains, many homes that are not even in a flood zone have been cleaning out and replacing wet carpet.  Now, many of those families are faced with a new problem- mold, which is a common consequence of water damage. 

Dr. David Straus, Professor of Microbiology at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, explains what to look for.  Dr. Straus says, "It really looks like the kind of mold you see on cheese or bread in the refrigerator, but this mold is black.  It will begin to grow immediately.  You will see it as quickly as 48-hours.  I would recommend not to clean it yourself but to hire someone to do it for you because it can be dangerous to disturb mold colonies".

Dr. Straus says mold has been linked to chronic sinus infections, asthma, and other respiratory trouble.  If it is in a place where you cannot see it, you may be able to smell it because it often leaves a damp, musty smell.

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