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HealthWise at 5 From 8.30

  • Mold Allergies

A study of 1100 adults with Asthma found that it is the mold allergies that are linked to the most severe cases of the breathing disorder. The researchers say mold spores are smaller than pollens and dander which may allow molds to reach deep into the lower airway. Unlike pollens, molds are present all year round, especially during the fall plus there's the chance for to molds because they're inside and out. Researchers at the National Insitutes of Health say their findings send a red flag to people who are sensitive to airborne molds and they should pay careful attention to symptoms and look for.

Researchers say people with asthma who are sensitive to molds should check basements and other areas of the house that are often damp. Cleaning air ducts can also help. The research was conducted at the National Institute of Health and Medicine Research in Paris and is published in the British Medical Journal.

  • Chocolate Cancer

Could chocolate help fight cancer? Scientists are testing compounds found in the sweet treat and a menu of foods and beverages they believe may help stop the disease. Preliminary research suggests Caffeine and Theophylline block the operation of a key enzyme linked to a wide range of cell functions, including cell growth. The scientists note that their findings don't mean we should all binge on colas and chocolate, the doses used in research are too high to be safe, they are no working to develop drugs that would mimic the disease fighting properties of caffeine without the side effects. Along with treating cancer, the research suggests that caffeine type drugs could be used to treat Heart Disease and Inflammatory Illnesses.

  • Alcohol and Sleep

It may help you fall asleep, but having some brews before you snooze could lessen the quality of your zzz's. Researchers at Wake Forest say a key part of the brain called the Thalamus, is more sensitive to alcohol than other areas. Researchers say thalamus cells have a channel that behaves differently depending on the amount of alcohol consumed. So doctors say a drink before bed, might help you nod off, but later on could make you restless.

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