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Domestic Dispute Results In Third Shooting In Lubbock In Two Weeks

Just after noon on Thursday, police say an argument led to the shooting. 57-year-old Charles Ishmael was shot in the chest while he was in the rear garage, he then staggered to the backyard, where police found him minutes later.

The suspect and weapon were found behind the house in the alley. Emergency workers arrived to find Ishmael bleeding from his chest, just after he was shot in his own home. "I just heard a loud noise like boom boom and I thought it was the guys doing the roofing then when I went back to the alley I saw him on the floor just bleeding, and she was already handcuffed. Her daughter was there and she was just calling on the lord, it was devastating," said Sammy Garza, a lawn business worker.

The alleged shooter is also the apparent wife of the victim. "The best information we have indicates that this assault is an outgrowth of family discord," said LPD Spokesman, Bill Morgan.

Meanwhile, investigators comb the scene looking for answers in what has now become the third Lubbock shooting in two weeks. Neighbors were hesitant to comment on this couple or what happened, saying only that they were good neighbors and word of the shooting was terrible news.

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