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Tech Students Living in a House on Wheels

South Plains College student Tim Green chose to live in an apartment while he goes to school. "Just wanted to break free from the parents, stand up on my own two feet, got a roommate. It just seems like the logical choice," says Green.

Tim pays $495 for his two bedroom apartment which is a bargain most college students look for. "You have to hunt for the good deals, and I think I found one," said Texas Tech nursing student Amy Clemmer. She has been living differently than most college students. She calls a Lubbock RV park home Monday through Friday. "I believe it's a 32 foot camper trailer I live in," she said.

Amy says since she goes home to her husband and child in Colorado City every weekend, buying a camper to live in is cheaper, "It's a good deal, beats those $400 to $500 monthly payments. I pay $175 a month and electricity for me never goes over $40."

Texas Tech graduate student Jennifer Wells lives in an RV, too. "Where do you do most of your studying?" NewsChannel 11 asked her. "Right there," Jennifer said as she points to her queen size fold out sleeper couch.

Jennifer and her husband have been traveling around the states for four years. They moved to Lubbock two years ago from Sweetwater. "While I was there, I thought, you know, I'd like to get my doctorate," she says. And brought the 43 footer with them, and the dog Tippy came along, too.

These smart ladies decided why waste money on rent. "When I get out of school, we have a camper trailer. We can go camping finally," said Amy. When they can pour prosperity into their own pockets.

Approximately 32 college students live in campers at Lubbock area RV parks. Even though they are not making rent payments on the campers they live in, they are trying to pay it off, but say in the long run, it is much cheaper than paying rent.

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