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Household Item Stops Spiders in Their Tracks

What is the best way to stop a spider in its tracks without smashing it? The answer is hair spray, the pump kind. It'll stick all the spider hairs together and freeze it in its tracks without discoloring it like a bug spray would.

"If you smash them, there's no way we can tell what they are. If you use certain chemicals on them, they're just so mangled that we can't tell what they are, so we need something we can look at. Hairspray preserves, so we can see it," says Jim Speigel of Gafford Pest Control.

Jim also says the spider is disabled enough you can put it in a jar to be identified. So, why is that such a big deal? Because the Brown Recluse, which is common in this area, has a poisonous bite that can eat right through tissue and leave a gaping hole. But the Brown Recluse is easy to spot with its violin shaped marking on its back.

So, next time you go looking for a shoe to smash a spider in the house, bring the hair spray instead so you can get a good look at what you've killed.

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