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Lubbock County Jail Flood Update

After nearly 24-hours the water main break at the Lubbock County Jail has been fixed and inmates are beginning to return to the facility. You'll recall, Saturday morning the main water line feeding water to the Lubbock County Jail busted open turning the jail into a river.

"The location of this line is actually from where the meter is into our facility and obviously that's been there for a long time," said Major Don Carter with the Lubbock Sheriff's Office.

After hours of searching and digging underneath the jail foundation the break was found and mended.

"They were able to pressure the line and test it and about midnight they started the process of cleaning out those lines to make sure that everything was back in order," Carter said.

Because water was lost to the entire facility, jail authorities opted to send several bus-loads of inmates to neighboring county facilities until the main break was under control.

"We transported about 114 inmates or so to other facilities in terry, dickens and hale counties and we've retrieved some of those to date," Added Carter.

Another concern Saturday was security at the jail as much of the facility was open to the public during the repair process. But Cater says the possibility of an inmate breaching security in the wake of this main break was all but impossible.

"All the access that was done yesterday was done by law enforcement personnel to maintain the integrity of our system," he said.

Carter adds all inmates should be back to the jail by mid week and jail operations should be back to normal no later than weeks end. For Your Cell Phone
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