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Local Amber Alert Canceled After Child Is Found

An Amber Alert is cancelled after a Lubbock child is missing for more than 13 hours. Police issued a local amber alert around 10 a.m. Sunday morning.

First on the scene in East Lubbock, NewsChannel 11 was there as detectives received the call Sierra had been found safely. Still Sierra's mother tells us she hopes other parents never come to find their child gone.

"It's the most awful feeling that you can ever image," Sierra's mom Raquel Castillo said. Castillo says she left her 8-year-old daughter at home under the watch of her roommate and best friend around 11 p.m. Saturday night.

"Just went out for a bit with my dad," Castillo said.  Castillo says when she came home early Sunday morning Sierra was nowhere to be found.

"We heard the mom yelling so we came out and she said Sierra wasn't in bed," Neighbor Roxanne Torres said. 

 "My friend was there. She said that I was screaming," Castillo added.

Police were called to the Corta Vista Apartments in the 100 block of Waco Street around 2 a.m. Sunday.

"The last time the child had been seen in the apartment was about 11 or 11:30pm. They checked on the child about 1:30am. Patrol officers were unable to locate the child. They called detectives about six o'clock in the morning," Lubbock Police Department Captain Greg Stevens said.

Stevens and as many as two dozen officers spoke with neighbors and family in efforts to find Sierra.

"We contacted people door to door. We used the reverse 911-call system, which is where we actually call people instead of people calling us. We did do local amber alert, which is used in about a 50 mile radius," Stevens said.

But after missing for more than 13 hours, Stevens says Sierra was found at her uncle's home.

"The mother was not aware the brother had picked the child up. Our patrol officers our detectives were unable to get a hold of the brother obliviously until a short time ago," Steven explained.

NewsChannel 11 was there as neighbors greeted Sierra as she returned home safely. Castillo says Sierra typically spends time with her brother on weekends. But this weekend she says they had a misunderstanding, so she did not expect him to pick Sierra up. Still when Castillo could not find her daughter, she called her brother.

"He lives outside the county, doesn't get reception," Castillo said

Castillo says thankfully it was a miscommunication. Still Stevens says any time a child is missing it is taken very seriously.

"We don't give up until the child is safe and secure," Stevens added.

"I just thank them all very much and may god bless them all," Castillo said.

Stevens says the case has been turned over to Child Protective Services. He tells us charges of neglect, abandonment or endangerment is possible. However, most importantly 8-year-old Sierra is home and safe.


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