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Sharp Advice: Link Between Vaccinations and Autism?

Doctors will tell you vaccinations are more than just a part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Childhood vaccines have protected us from the days of epidemics when infected patients were isolated together in banquet halls or gymnasiums. But recently, vaccines have gotten some bad publicity. In her segment, "Sharp Advice", Marsha Sharp explains what people should know before completely ruling out vaccines.

For many decades, vaccines have protected children from life-threatening diseases such as polio, diphtheria and whooping cough. Because of vaccines, these diseases have almost been eradicated. Unfortunately, recent news headlines have indicated a possible link between vaccines and autism.

"There is absolutely no scientific data that demonstrates a correlation between the two. In fact, there are many very large reliable scientific studies in several different countries, not just in the United States that demonstrate the same rate of autism in un-vaccinated kids compared to vaccinated kids. So the date actually demonstrates that there is no correlation whatsoever between immunization and autism," says Dr. David Gray.

Dr. Gray recommends parents who are concerned about the link between autism and vaccines should talk to their pediatrician and visit reputable websites such as  

From your friends at Covenant Health System, I'm Marsha Sharp reminding you that when it comes to good health, the ball is in your court.

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