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Palin's Frames Become Frenzy for Local Optical Store

Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin continues to create a buzz on the campaign trail, but she is doing more than just rocking the political world. She's causing a nationwide fashion frenzy that can be seen right here in Lubbock.

When Palin emerged onto the political scene, so did a new trend.

"We've had so much feedback. We get calls every day. People want Sarah Palin's glasses," Glynda Barker with Plains Optical said.

And that's the only place you'll find the frames in Lubbock. Glynda says she has received at least 100 calls from people wanting to take a peek at Palin's peepers.

"The frames are made out of titanium. There are no screws or rivets in the frames. It's a tension mounting. So the lenses are just hung in the air - so to speak. They very, very light weight. They're just very comfortable. People love them," Glynda said.

Palin's frames are model 704, number 47 gray from the Kazuo Kawasaki eyewear collection, which run about $345; with lenses you're looking at around $500 - $700.

"We've actually carried this line for several years, and she has made it so popular that people come in everyday looking for them," Glynda said.

It's important to remember that when you select your specs they need to complement your face shape. Palin's famous frames may not suit everyone. But Glynda says that's not a problem.

"There are so many different shapes you can do. Sara Palin's shape might not look good on you, but there's numerous shapes, numerous colors of frames, but the idea of the rimless is so exciting to people. They love it."

Jean Knight agrees. She was the first person in Lubbock to purchase the frames after Palin was named the GOP VP candidate.

"I really am pleased with them. I can actually see better with these glasses on. I think it's because of the rimless glasses."

Glynda says this phenomenon is like no other the eye glasses industry has experienced, "I have never seen this much as far as people wanting the same pair of glasses as we've seen with this one."

But anyone interested in getting a pair like Gov. Palin's may have to wait, "They are so in demand right now there is a backorder issue with the frames."

The owner of the Alaska boutique where Palin purchased her glasses told USA Today she tried on more than 300 frames before deciding on her current ones. For Your Cell Phone
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