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FDA Seizing Eyelash Enhancers

Some time ago, we told you that it had been discovered that a side effect of glaucoma medicine was longer eyelashes and that cosmetic manufacturers were anxious to get their hands on that ingredient, which they did.  

Many so called "eyelash enhancers" were introduced with compounds called prostaglandins, from the same family of chemicals used to treat glaucoma. Well, prostaglandins may help your lashes grow, but there are other, less desirable side effects.

Ophthalmologist, Dr. Howard Weiss, says, "We saw eyelid skin get darker so it wasn't just the eyelashes that got darker, but it was also the skin around the eyes. We saw bloodshot eyes and we saw a few eyes that got blurry vision and inflammation".

The Food and Drug Administration has already seized more than 12,000 tubes that contained prostaglandins and is investigating some companies that use the compounds. The FDA says that if you buy eyelash enhancers, read the ingredients and avoid any product around the eye that contains prostaglandins.

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