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TTU Hockey Reaches $60,000 Agreement With City

A $60,000 contract will now let Texas Tech Hockey keep the ice at City Bank Coliseum.  Tuesday, the team came to an agreement with city council during a special meeting. It comes less than a week after the city turned down a $44,000 offer.

Tech Hockey says both sides agreed on the amount, after council directed Councilman Todd Klein to work with the team on a new contract last week, but when Councilwoman Linda DeLeon asked about that number during the meeting, other members voted to cut-off the questioning.  

Klein says he put in some long days with Jeff Griffith from Texas Tech Hockey to work out an agreement that be beneficial to both parties.  "I want to tell each and every one of you thank you for this," Griffith said. 

Council members thanked Klein and Griffith for their work, but Councilwoman DeLeon also asked about the price tag.  "I'd like to compliment Todd too, but I did, for the record, give him a phone call before I met with the coach, asking him what the cost would be in order for him to support a new contract, and he couldn't give me a cost at that time.  I would like to know from the $44,000 now to the $60,000 if you could give me a breakdown of what that cost entails," DeLeon said. 

"Mayor, I'm going to call the question. I don't want to see one of our council members attacked from the dais," Councilman John Leonard said.  "I'm not attacking," DeLeon asked. 

"Second," Councilman Paul Beane said.  "The question has been called, and there's a second; all in favor, opposed, motion carries," Mayor Tom Martin said.  "All in favor of the contract say I.  All opposed?  Motion carries 7-0," Martin continued.

"This is a great thing that we feel has been accomplished," Griffith said.  "We certainly have to recover our costs; we have to be able to generate a little bit of revenue to help remodel and upkeep on the coliseum, and also the hockey club is going to have to increase their attendance and skating, and so as long as those things happen, I don't see why we wouldn't want to continue in the future," Martin said. 

"We'll see how this goes before we do this again, but obviously we'll be working to further better our program," Griffith said.  The team is being credited for the day to day fees they've been paying, so they actually owe the city about $54,450.  Their first payment isn't due until December 1st.  That's so Tech Hockey can fix their ice machine that went down just a few days ago.

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