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Political Sign Thieves Apologize

Political sign stealing is not a joking issue in Lubbock. It's such a serious matter that the Lubbock County Republican Party alerted us to pictures of a group of local college students stealing a John McCain sign.

The pictures were posted on the Website Facebook. NewsChannel 11's Christy Moreland set out to find who the "cube kidnappers" were and what they had to say for their actions. "It was a Saturday night and we were all bored sitting around the dorm room, and one of our buddies came up with the idea to go take a McCain sign," Nicholas Vigee said.

And they did, but this group of Texas Tech students says their intent wasn't malice, rather a show of support for their presidential candidate. "We're all very strong supports of McCain and we were all like, oh yeah, we've have to take that sign," Jarod Taylor said.

"We all love McCain. We're all voting for him. So we decided that we would support him in our dorm, and tell the whole world that they should be voting for him," Taylor Weakley said.

"We're getting publicity for him. It's McCain 100 percent.  McCain '08. We are taking his signs and we are showing them around the dorm room getting supporters for McCain. McCain is going to win the election," Vigee said.

"Our dorm has a lot of democratic supporters, and we're going to try to convert them," Sutton Allison said.

Support or not, this group of guys says they know what they did was wrong and they are sorry. "I feel bad that the Republican Party had to go through this because the signs were expensive and it shows us that we can't be irresponsible to other's properties," Vigee said.

"I feel really bad for them. I feel really thankful they choose not to press charges, and we're not the only ones doing this, that they have to go through this process time and time again," Allison said.

"We do know that this was a misdemeanor, I mean, you know we stole that sign and it cost so much money. We're sorry we did it, and we're really, really thankful that their not wanting to press charges. If they want us to do something for them we are more than willing to do it because not only do we owe them something, but we support McCain," Taylor said.

"I'm just glad that they know now that they have our support for the McCain party and that we're not voting for (Barack) Obama."

The students say they will return the sign to the Lubbock County Republican Party.

Republican party chair Chris Winn says they have no intention of filing charges against those who stole the sign, rather he wants people to use this as a lesson.

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