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Buddy Holly Festival in Full Swing this Labor Day Weekend

Once you hear the beat, you can't help but get up and dance to the music. All in honor of one of Rock 'n' Roll's founding fathers, born right here in Hub City on Labor Day weekend in 1936, the legendary Buddy Holly.

"It's a good time for us to do an event that recognizes and celebrates his music and his life," says Buddy Holly Center director, Connie Gibbons.

Even though Buddy is no longer with us in person, his legend lives on here at the Buddy Holly museum. Displays filled with his report cards, homework assignments, photos, and instruments from his band are on display. Though his career was a short 18 months, Buddy's impact on music is timeless.

"It's influential not just in pop music but in country and folk music, and lots of artists look to Buddy for his music and just for the way he conducted his life, the degree of control he exercised over his music," says John Goldrosen, author of "Remembering Buddy", a biography of Buddy's life.

"He had that first prototype band you know, the lead singer, the lead guitar, the rhythm guitar, drums, and bass, and so many copied that format afterwards," says Gibbons.

Bands playing at this year's festival carry on that same tradition of keeping the crowd moving, and the music loud. Festivities continue all day Saturday and through Sunday until 7 p.m. at the Buddy Holly Center on 19th St. and Ave. G.

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