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Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested in Clovis Beer Run

Clovis Police are searching for an the woman who held up an Allsups Convenience Store clerk at gunpoint Tuesday.

The suspect is an Hispanic female in her late 30's. She stands about 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs about 160 pounds. She was last seen wearing a black ball cap with white letters on it, a dark blue sweater and blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

She entered the store and selected different amounts of beer, and milled around the store. She then left for a short time after telling the clerk she did not have enough money.

When she returned, the woman brought a 12 pack of beer to the counter and then milled around some more. When she came back to the counter, she asked for a pack of cigarettes. The clerk said he set down the pack of cigarettes, and that's when the suspect asked him how long he had worked at Allsups, and if he had ever experienced a "Beer run." The clerk stated that he had not, and the suspect told him to consider this his first one and grabbed the beer and cigarettes and began backing out towards the doors. The clerk stated that he was going to the back of the store to tell his co-worker what was happening when the female suspect pulled a silver gun from underneath her shirt and said, "Don't even think about coming after me!" and then dropped a photo ID on the floor.

The clerk stated that the woman then left the store and he called police on his cell phone, as the regular phones were not working. It was later learned that the phone lines to the business had been cut just prior to the robbery and the photo ID was stolen from a prior burglary and did not belong to the suspect.

Just a few hours later a Clovis Police Officer located a woman in the 1200 block of East Grand Street that matched the description of the female suspect and he detained her for investigation. Another witness at the house on East Grand stated that the woman had brought him beer and cigarettes earlier in the night. The man gave permission to search his vehicles and property.

Officers located a silver colored gun in a car on the property belonging to the witness that matched that used in the robbery by the woman as well as clothing she had been wearing during the robbery. Shoe prints from the suspect also matched those at the scene near the telephone pole where the phone wires had been cut.

The woman was transported to the police department for questioning and subsequently charged with the robbery and damage to the phone lines and transported to the Curry County Adult Detention Center for booking.

It was subsequently learned that the silver gun was a pellet gun that looks like a real stainless steel Beretta pistol.

The female robbery suspect is identified as Cindy Mendoza, 35, of Clovis.  

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