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Rolling Backpacks Carry Bad News for Kids

If you see kids walking to school, I bet you can guess the problem. It's what they're lugging over their back. The backpack on wheels seemed like a great idea, until a lot of kids complained about tripping over them in narrow school hallways, so now, most schools say "no" to rolling backpacks.

That means our kids are hauling everything but the kitchen sink over their shoulders leading to a growing trend in children complaining about back pain. Even the American Chiropractic Association agrees backpacks should be used cautiously and that the one shoulder back pack should be avoided altogether.

"Anything that increases weight on one shoulder is going to accentuate any Scoliosis that may be developing.if they're going down a flight of stairs pulling a backpack behind them another child may not see that backpack tripping over it and creating a more serious injury such as a broken wrist or concussion," says Jeffrey Greenberg, a Chiropractor.

Greenburg says make sure your child's back pack has two wide padded shoulder straps, doesn't ride too low, and doesn't weigh too much. He says put the backpack on a scale, and make sure it does not weigh more than 10 to 15% of your child's total body weight or your child could end up with back and shoulder trouble.

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