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Humane Society Gets Strict Around Halloween

With Halloween quickly approaching, the Humane Society of West Texas is altering its adoption policy. If you go to the Humane Society's adoption center at PetSmart, you won't find any black cats there this month because they're afraid people will use them for Halloween animal sacrifices.

"DPS and police officers have literally found cats that have been gutted open and found, you know, where it looks like there has been a ritual of some sort, and so we just don't want that to happen," said the cat coordinator for the Humane Society, Judy Steinbock. 

Humane Society volunteers say they've seen black cats spray painted, mummified in duct tape, shaved, burned, and worse. "I believe, from the way I understand it, every city of any size is getting more and more witchcraft type people, you know that live in the cities, and these are people that we are concerned about adopting to," said Humane Society Adoption Coordinator, Linda Cox. 

The Humane Society has five black cats right now. Usually they would be on display at one of the adoption centers, but during the month of October the cats will stay with foster families. If you really want to adopt a black cat right now, you can contact Humane Society volunteers while they're at PetSmart on the weekends, but you'll go through an intense screening process. "If we have a bad feeling about a certain adoptee, we have the right to disapprove, or to turn down people that adopt, and so we do that quite a bit in the month of October," said Cox. 

The Humane Society recommends if you own a black cat, to keep it indoors until after Halloween.

The Humane Society of West Texas says they are always looking for animal lovers to serve as foster families and temporarily keep animals. They pay for food and medical expenses, and animal foster parents take care of them until they get adopted. If you're interested you can call the Humane Society at 799-7387.

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