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Bike Riding Goes Up, So Do Accidents

With gas prices bouncing up and down and out of sight more and more people are trading four wheels for two.  As a result, the new bike boom is causing a lot of competition on the roads, which can be dangerous for everyone.  Biker Paul Lagasse, says, "There are definitely days you feel no one sees you and everyone is out to run you off the road" and police officer, Todd Myers adds, "Look out.  You gotta be prepared for what a bike can do.  They are out there on the road, share the road with them".

Officer Myers says that if you are on a bike you should just assume you are invisible and always follow the rules of the road.  Also, be sure to carry some identification on you.  If you are in an accident and rushed to a hospital, you want to make it easier for your family to be notified quickly.

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