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The Grill Daddy: Does It Work?

Summer may be over but that doesn't mean grilling outdoors has to stop. Before you fire it up though, you may have leftovers on the grill you want to scrub away first. That's not always an easy task, but a revoluntionary grill-cleaning device claims to get rid of the gunk!

So this week we're testing the Grill Daddy on a grill that hasn't been cleaned in a month!   It belongs to NewsChannel 11's Assignments Editor Dean Myatt, and he loves to grill.  "Do you use the grill even though it's chilly outside?" we asked him.  "I'll cook in the cold," said Dean.  

But with his worn out brush and a dirty grill, he's looking for perfection before firing up his grill again. "The commercial makes it seem like it will make your grill spotless. That would be awesome," he said.

The box says the Grill Daddy works on all grills. This grill cleaning tool works by the power of steam. No batteries or nothing, you just need heat. For $25, Does It Work?  

In order to create the steam, you fill the reservoir on the Grill Daddy with water.  Make sure the valve is in the off position or you'll leak water everywhere.  Dean spread the hot coals, put the racks back where they belong and started scraping the racks.  The heat from the racks made the water sizzle.  "Well, it's coming off," said Dean.  And with no effort at all, Dean managed to get that spotless result he was looking for. "Look at it, how old is your grill?" we asked.  "Like two years old or so," he answered.  

Talk about smokin! Dean's found his new Grill Daddy and I have to say this is one hot item. It works!

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