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Lubbock Not To Receive FEMA Funds For 100 Year Flood

NewsChannel 11 has learned Lubbock will not receive FEMA funds for the 100 year flood.  On Wednesday, emergency management officials and accountants met with a FEMA representative who says last month's floods were not big enough for assistance.

Houses were sandbagged, roads were flooded and homes were surrounded by water, all from Lubbock's 100 year flood. City of Lubbock Director of Accounting Pamela Moon has crunched damage numbers since then and says the total cost of damage is more than $4.5 million to public property alone.

That price tag does not include damage to private homes, businesses, or agriculture.  "The biggest portion of it is in roads, dirt roads, alley ways and some of the roads have washed away," Moon said.

Moon says within days of more than seven inches of rain falling, the county and city applied for FEMA assistance. However, FEMA says the public damage is not enough. "They're saying this is not eligible for assistance because in the state of Texas you have to meet a $26 million threshold," Moon said.

Moon says they even met with Buffalo Springs and Ransom Canyon to include their damage. "When FEMA does a damage assessment they look at how widespread it is so it's to our benefit to look at it more regionally and they just didn't incur the damage we did," Moon said.

The same goes for private homes and businesses. While many sustained water damage, Moon tells us Lubbock County just does not have enough homes or businesses with major damage. "This event was just not wide spread enough for FEMA," she said.

Moon says the county and the city will apply for other state grants. But County Judge Tom Head says if that money doesn't come though, the county will have to make budget amendments and use reserve dollars to clean up infrastructure.

NewsChannel 11 tried to reach Mayor Tom Martin regarding how the city will pay for the damage. But as of the 10 p.m. broadcast, we had not yet received comment from Mayor Martin.

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