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"Cube Kidnappers" Take Responsibility for Actions

Tuesday night, on NewsChannel 11, they apologized to the Lubbock County Republican Party for stealing a campaign sign worth hundreds of dollars. On Wednesday, the "cube kidnappers" are taking responsibility for their actions.

A group of Texas Tech students is rallying support for their presidential candidate, but there's more to this story. "We're making some phone calls to kind of repent for our actions for stealing a McCain cube," Sutton Allison said.

The group stole a John McCain campaign cube from the corner of 19th and Flint then posted their work on Facebook. When NewsChannel 11 tracked them down, they apologized to the Lubbock County Republican party who decided not to press charges, rather use them as an example then add them to their team. "They were nice enough to be contrite, and we felt like we would show them what participation in the political process is about," Lubbock County Republican Party Chair Chris Winn said.

"I'm glad that they were giving us a break and allowing us to actually work with them and do what we wanted to do and tell people about McCain," Taylor Weakley said.

"Our punishment ended up helping this campaign," Jarod Taylor said.

"I wish we could have (helped) under different circumstances," Matt O'Haughtery said.

"I think the lesson here is, when somebody puts a sign up it needs to be left as a symbol of that person's expression of their belief and go stick your own sign up," Winn said.

Political Sign Thieves Apologize
Political sign stealing is such a serious matter that the Lubbock County Republican Party alerted us to pictures of a group of local college students stealing a John McCain sign. NewsChannel 11's Christy Moreland set out to find who the "cube kidnappers" were and what they had to say for their actions.


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