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Undecided Voters Comment on Final Presidential Debate

Wednesday night, presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain had one of their last chances to get their message out to undecided voters.  NewsChannel 11 invited a group to watch the third and final Presidential Debate here at the station. We wanted find out if the 90-minute face off in New York would help the members choose a candidate.

First, we asked how they thought the debate went.  "I think it was probably as good as the first one that Jim Lehrer moderated in Oxford, MS, in the sense that there was a little more feedback between the candidates. I thought Mr. Schieffer did a better job of trying to maybe get them back onto some of the topics, and I think the topics that he chose were pretty well suited to highlight some of the key differences," Texas Tech Political Science Professor Craig Goodman said. 

"I was definitely able to tell the difference between the two candidates a lot better tonight than in previous debates. So, based on that, I think it will be easier to make a decision," undecided voter Jonathan Bludorn said. 

Then we asked if the debate helped them make a decision on which candidate they would vote for.  "I think it helped me definitely know what their plans are. I think we did get a much more detailed perspective this time. I won't leave here tonight with a decision, but I think it will just take a little more consideration, and I do think it helped, though," undecided voter Casi Bludorn said. 

"It honestly didn't. It was interesting to hear; it was really interesting, and they finally talked about some issues instead of shooting more at each other, but still, I don't know. If I had to vote right now, I wouldn't know," undecided voter Anthony Capwell said.

"Before the debate, I was leaning towards McCain's election, but during the debate I went to a neutral state, and I'm now more leaning toward Obama, which is just really interesting to even me. It's really interesting, but I just have to research a little more on foreign policy and health care; it's just going to be this next few weeks that are going to make a big difference," undecided voter Austin Cheatham said. 

Voters have less than three weeks to make up their minds. Election day is November 4th.

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