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The "Habit Changer" Can Aid in Weight Loss

The theory is that habits can be created or broken in 30-days and that is what the Habit Changer is doing for people...for a price, of course.  It is primarily a weight loss effort using your computer or PDA to change your eating habits by giving you regular reminders.  Some people, though, are signing on to relieve stress or just receive motivational moments.  At any rate, the Habit Changer is designed to reprogram your brain based on a concept developed at Stanford called Neuro-plasticity.                                            

Larry Tobin, Habit Changer creator, "You tell your brain to do something over and over again, and you create a habit.  We all do it.  You brush your teeth in the morning, you do it over and over again, you create a habit to brush your teeth.  The Habit Changer teaches you and supports you in creating new and better habits so you lose weight or you feel better."

You can decide how many times a day you want to receive reminders.  The Habit Changer program costs $14.95 a month and anyone can sign up.  If you are interested, go to for more information.

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