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Road Rage Killing Suspect Arraigned

Courtesy: Lubbock Sheriff's Office Dept. Courtesy: Lubbock Sheriff's Office Dept.

Thursday afternoon murder suspect, Steven Torres appeared before a judge wearing red shorts, a black shirt, and shackles. He was arraigned on half a million dollars bond for murder charges. Lubbock police say Torres shot James Daniel Green after what they say started as a minor traffic accident then escalated to a deadly shooting.

25-year-old Steven Torres is accused of killing 24-year-old James Daniel Green early Thursday morning after a case of road rage got out of control.

"A car ran into a pole. It woke me up," said a woman in a 9-1-1 call Thursday morning around 2:30 a.m.  Police arrived to find Green dead in his car, but they later discovered it wasn't just a car accident.

The story started earlier that night when Daniel Green went to Buffalo Wild Wings on West 19th to sing karaoke and hang out with friends. On the way home, Green and his friend Steven Harris stopped at the Town and Country at 19th and Milwaukee. As they left, Green accidentally backed into a truck. "Before they know it, there was a guy who hopped out and was banging on the window," said friend Sean Pace. 

Friends of Green and Harris say the man threatened them with a gun, hit Green in the head with it, and pointed the gun at Harris. That's when Green and Harris got back in their car and drove away. "Steven said he didn't realize that the guy was behind him, but he heard a gunshot and looked back and saw the truck," said Pace. 

Police received a call about shots fired in the area. "I could have sworn I heard three gun shots coming from 19th and Milwaukee," said a man who called 9-1-1.

"He (Harris) said he saw the truck zoom by, and then he said that's when they jumped some curbs, and went through a bunch of stuff, and just slammed into a pole," said Pace.  Harris walked away, but Green died.

"Clearly this is a homicide investigation, not a traffic accident situation," said Captain Greg Steele of the Lubbock Police Department. 

The Sheriff's Department arrested Torres, just a few hours later at his home. Authorities also recovered a fire arm they believe is the murder weapon. Officers took Torres in for questioning and booked him into the Lubbock County Detention Center. He is charged with murder tonight.

NewsChannel 11 did a little digging and found out this is not Torres' first run in with authorities. He was arrested in 2002 on prohibited weapons charges.

Friends Remember Victim of Road Rage
Three close friends of Daniel Green mourn his loss on Thursday. They all say he was a joy to be around and always had everyone laughing. NewsChannel 11's Katie Bauer has the story.

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