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Good Can Come Out Of Tragedy

"What we are trying to remember right now is not only the tragedy that took place and how it affected our lives, but also the rally that we saw, local people coming out to do something good for the fellow man, those are truly heroes," said United Blood Service Spokesman, Les Long.

After the attacks many people thought one way they could help other Americans across the country was by donating something everyone could use, so many Americans found themselves at local blood banks. "For one of the first times we didn't have a shortage of blood. The hospitals were able to have what they needed within there bank. This good thing came from a tragedy and that's what we're trying to remember," said Long.

Although there was a need of blood nationwide, there is always one at home and that is where most of the donations made this time last year stayed, right here in Lubbock. "Many of that blood did not get shipped out to New York or to Washington D.C., it was used right here at local hospitals. It was used to save lives," Long said.

Beginning Tuesday September 3rd, NewsChannel 11 along with United Blood Services is kicking off the Days of Remembrance Blood Drive. For information on donating blood or to set up an appointment you can call 797-6804. Here is the incentive, all donors will be given a free t-shirt along with helping to save a life.

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