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Hundreds of Lubbockites Plan Road Trip to Roswell

Even though Governor Sarah Palin is not making a stop in Lubbock this weekend, the Hub City will be well represented in New Mexico.  Palin will hold a rally in Roswell on Sunday and many Lubbock Republicans have shown interest in going. 

It was announced on Thursday that the republican vice presidential candidate would be making a stop in Roswell.  Since then Lubbock County Republican Chair Chris Winn says hundreds of Lubbockites want to go. "Once the word got out, we have had just an unbelievable, overwhelming response and supportive to go and see her," said Winn.  

Winn says his phone has been ringing off the hook, since finding out Governor Sarah Palin will be making a stop in Roswell.  He says at least 500 people from Lubbock are interested in going.  "We've decided that we would take a road trip.  We are going to call it a Road Trip to Roswell to see Sarah Palin," said Winn.  

With the overwhelming interest, Winn has organized Greyhound busses to take everybody.  The rally tickets are free, but a bus ticket will cost $25 round trip. 

He hasn't received the final number of tickets he will get for the rally, but hopes he will have enough for everyone interested. "We are going to assign however many tickets we get, we will assign the tickets by doing a lottery, we're going to make it very fair, we want everybody to go that can and then we would encourage you to join the bus because it will be a safe way to get there and travel together," said Winn.

Many republicans are already pumped up about the trip.  "Oh, I am incredibly excited," said Republican Irene Howell.   

Palin will take center stage at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday.  "It ought to be fun, it's a lot of positive energy and fellowship and commodore with the Republican Party," said Winn. 

"Being with other people who feel your energy and know that their a part of what you are a part of I think just sharing that experience it what makes it even more special for everyone," said Howell.

If you are interested in going on Sunday, call this number to get on the list 797-3197.  You must give your name, number and social security number to go.  If you are interested in taking the bus, tickets will be $25 for a round trip and the bus will leave Sunday morning at 10 a.m. from the United Spirit Arena.

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