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Lubbock Republicans Enjoy Road Trip To Roswell

While there were 1,000s in attendance, more than 100 Lubbockites drove about 175 miles to Roswell, New Mexico to see Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Texas hasn't seen many political figures in terms of presidential campaigning, so when Palin announced she would hold a rally in nearby New Mexico, Lubbock Republicans got excited.

Sunday morning about 150 Lubbock Republicans loaded onto buses to take a road trip to Roswell. All aboard were ready to see Palin. "Everyone is really excited to hear her and see her in person," said Lubbock Republican Party Vice Chair, Ruth Schiermeyer. Key Pounds was among the Republican road trippers. "This is the first time we've ever been to a rally, so I don't really know what to expect," said Pounds. 

When the 150 Lubbock supporters arrived in Roswell, they joined thousands more in cheering on their Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Palin spoke about McCain's experience and reputation as a "maverick" saying, "Are you ready to send us to Washington to shake things up?" 

Palin touched on energy, the economy and taxes. "It starts with John and I promising to bring tax relief to every American and every business," she said. Palin also got in several digs on Democratic candidate, Barack Obama. "Just once it would be nice to hear Obama say he wants America to win," she said to an excited crowd. 

For Lubbock attendees, the drive took more than three hours each way to hear Palin speak for about 30 minutes, but Pound says it was worth it, "I would drive 8 hours, and with the same people." At the end of the day, Pound got back on the bus. She says her next stop is the ballot box. "I'm sure that coming here inspired so many that the first time the polls open they will be knocking down the door," Pound said. 

The Republicans weren't the only ones busy today. Lubbock Democrats held a call party, making calls to battle ground states, to gather support for Barack Obama.

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