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Lubbock Neighborhood Soon to See Relief From Sewer Smell

A Lubbock neighborhood may soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief.  In August, NewsChannel 11 first told you about the central Lubbock neighborhood, with a lingering smell of sewage in the air, but on Monday work crews arrived.

Two months ago, we introduced you to some angry residents, and they took matters into their own hands heading straight to City Hall for answers.  On Monday construction began near 58th and University, in what could be one of the first major steps, to fixing this neighborhood for good.

Catherine Bridges says the sewer gas smell in her neighborhood has become increasingly worse. It even started to make her sick.

"I was vomiting every day, I was ill from this," said Bridges.  

She lives with her father and recently, they replaced $10,000 worth of plumbing in their home, because they believe the sewer gas caused her mother's premature death.

"Since it has not been in our house so much, I am feeling better not coughing up stuff in my throat because it's not burning my throat.  There's just a big difference in my health, so I know what my mother was going through," said Bridges.

On Monday crews started working on the sewer line on the frontage road around 58th and University. 

Neighbors say they are glad something is being done. 

"It's been years, but I am grateful they are fixing it.  We can't get that time back or do anything about how much we spent or lost we can only move forward and I am grateful that the city has come together with us and has decided that we are going to get this fixed as soon as possible," said Becki Laurent. 

Councilman Todd Klein held town hall meetings to get the problem fixed.  He says one of the key problems was the main sewer pipe was designed for a smaller flow and the city has grown since then, and he says neighborhoods with older homes, also have older pipelines.

"Nobody is at fault for living in an older home but sometimes there are some issues that need to be addressed in the older homes.  The critical issue is we have a pipe behind these homes carrying sewage that is going to be upgraded," said Klein. 

He says the neighborhood should have relief of the sewer smell by the end of the year. 

"They had a concern, we listened and we took action that always makes people feel good.  I am a citizen first and foremost, I want whatever government I'm dealing with to be responsive and we have had a city staff that has worked very hard to get this resolved so I think everybody is excited about this," said Klein. 

"Just knowing that our kids are going to be able to play outside safely in the backyard in the spring and the good days in the winter is really just a big relief," said Laurent.

The project is going to cost the city $250,000.  Klein says that is money well spent, to make the quality of life better for that neighborhood.


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