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Lubbock Man Speaks Out After His Attackers Are Found Guilty

Nearly a year and a half after he was attacked with a lead pipe a Lubbock man speaks out for the first time.

Last week a Lubbock jury found Paul Timms guilty of ordering the robbery and beating of Tommy Yugovich last spring. A week earlier, a jury also found Timms' wife, Tammy, guilty for her role in the attack.  Paul Green pleaded guilty to the beating and is now serving two 25-year sentences. Paul and Tammy Timms are still awaiting their prison sentences.

Tommy Yugovich is now speaking out about that fateful night. He spoke exclusively with NewsChannel 11's Julia Bruck.

The movements are small. "His left hand couldn't work at first. But we got to where he's actually able to pick up things," Tommy's mom Carol Yugovich said.

Each cotton ball Tommy picks up brings him a little closer to recovery. Just weeks away from his 25th birthday, Tommy has spent the past year and half relearning the simple things many of us take for granted. "When Tommy first started to smile again the left side of his mouth wouldn't smile. Now he has an even smile," Matthew Yugovich, Tommy's Dad.

Part of that smile comes from his increasing ability to do something he loves, playing the drums.

"The hospital administrator told me, Matthew, don't plan on spending your retirement or any money on Tommy's recovery or his therapy," Matthew said. "He may not wake up. If he does wake up he'll probably succumb to his injuries within six months to a year," Matthew added.

The brutal attack put Tommy in a month long comma fighting for his life. While his girlfriend, Michelle Pierce, received more than a dozen stitches in her head. Carol and Matthew Yugovich were first told of their sons injuries just before midnight March 25, 2007. "They said you need to come to the hospital your son. They said it was an accident," Carol said.

But it was no accident. "He just came in the back door and hit him," Pierce said back in March 2007.

Taped conservations from the Lubbock County Jail reveal the attack in the home on 79th Street was planned. It involved Jerry Castle, Don Green, Tammy Timms and her husband Paul Timms. Tommy and Michelle, who were high on meth that night, knew the Paul and Tammy Timms through their mutual use of the drug. According to court testimony, Paul wanted to retaliate after Tommy knowingly gave him counterfeit money.

NewsChannel 11 asked, "What was it like sitting through trial?" "Oh it was very hard because we had moved forward and we weren't looking back," Carol replied.

Carol says looking back is tough since Tommy, who suffered a traumatic brain injury, has come so far. "He started opening his eyes and it was a gradual wake up," Matthew said. "Everything he does he has to tell his brain to do," Carol added.

But both Tommy's parents say, when it comes to keeping others off drugs, it's worth looking back. "Stay away from those chemicals and stay away from those people who do those chemicals, they'll kill ya," Matthew said. "Tommy has already influenced a lot of people and a lot of people have gotten off drugs because of Tommy," Carol added.

After receiving therapy at several treatment facilities across Texas, Tommy continues his rehab here at home turning the family's motto into a reality. "Miracle boy comes back 110%. New and deluxe version of our Tommy. God has a plan," Carol read off the note on her refrigerator.

"I don't know what we are going to have to do. But we are going to fight with everything we have," Matthew said. And Tommy says so will he. "Slowly but surely. You know it," Tommy said as he gave a 'thumbs up'.

The Yugovich's tell us they are grateful for all who have donated time and dollars to help with their son's recovery. If you would like to help, donations can be made to the Tommy Yugovich Medical Fund at any PlainsCapital Bank Branch.

Trial Testimony Reveals Planned Retaliation
Taped phone calls reveal planned retaliation from inside the Lubbock County Jail, for an attack on Tommy Yugovich last year.


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