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Parents Charged with Injury to Infant

Police arrested Laura Ramirez and Richard Pena Jr., just down the street from their Avenue L home, about 1:45 this afternoon. Police were first called out Saturday after EMS took 2-month-old, Amber Pena to the hospital. She had a glassy glaze, serious head injuries, and severe bruises to her head and face. Paramedics became skeptical about the mother's explanation for the injuries. They told investigators that the mother's story did not fit with the severity of the bruising the girl suffered. Also, the bruises appeared to have occurred earlier than the time reported by the mother.

Ramirez and Pena were arraigned in court on Tuesday. The mother's bond is set at $100,000, and Richard Pena Jr's bond is $200,000. The mother first told police the girl knocked her head against her stroller frame as she was pushing the stroller over uneven pavement. The mother said the accident happened two hours before EMS arrived, and she didn't call sooner because she didn't have a phone.

Investigators tell us Amber is suffering severe damage to both of her eyes, and there is a possibility she could be blind. CPS will take care of Amber, until they determine where's the best place for her. Right now, she continues to fight for her life.

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